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So I’ve currently re-branded as ‘Anna Indoors!’ as Anna Outdoors activities have stopped for now due to Covid-19. Lauren and I are suffering from river, rockpool and woodland withdrawal symptoms and are particularly missing our regular Forest School groups. This message was put together as a bit of fun to reach out to all the Forest School explorers at Canterbury Primary School. The teachers, support staff, parents, guardians and children at this amazing school have embraced the real ethos of Forest School and I cannot wait to be back with them!

To my Canterbury Primary Forest School crew,
Lauren, Gill, and I are really missing you.
I am sitting here in my Forest School shed, but I would much rather be with you instead.
Thursdays are just not the same, without the silly object game.
I am thinking of all the imaginative things you would say,
Which always brighten up my day.
(Hold up silly object – triangular shaped piece of wood!)
An ice cream cone,
Or a mobile phone!
A slice of cake,
Or the tongue of a snake!
An aeroplanes wing,
Or a killer whale’s fin!
A fairy’s house,
Or the tail of a mouse!
A giant’s tooth,
Or the foot of a goose!
A long fingernail,
Or a fishing boat’s sail,
A poison tipped thorn,
Or a unicorn’s horn!
A witch’s hat,
Or a cricket bat!
A Christmas tree,
Or a dress for me!
So much laughter and so much fun,
And our Forest School session had only just begun!
Now I am staying at home, creating hapa zome,
Eating s’mores, behind closed doors!
When I call out 1,2, 3 nobody is close enough to hear me!
No need for rescue missions because somebody is stuck up a tree!
Tidy Pete is nowhere to be seen, he has been furloughed, so even he has nothing to clean!
Luckily, I can still have a fire, thanks to home deliveries from our awesome supplier!
I have been practicing silent achoo’ s with our muddy faces dragon’s sneeze, In the correct position, down on our knees.
I cannot wait to be back looking for bugs and passing around hot chocolate in mugs.
Showing you how to huff and puff, to make sure they have cooled down enough!
I cannot wait to be putting mud on our faces, and taking part in natural obstacle races,
Painting muddy stencils and whittling elder pencils,
Creating dens and swings, and all kinds of natural themed things,
Identifying plants, creatures’ and birds from our magical spell book, the lost words!
Eating delicious nettle chips and gathering colours for sticky strips,
Watching you baking in the mud cafe, which would now just have to be a takeaway!
Taking part in scavenger hunts and themed treasure trails, creating shapes from wooden discs, wool, and nails,
Making woodland crafts and wild art, I really cannot wait to re-start.

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