I am licensed by Canterbury City Council to deliver educational activities and birthday parties in the Westgate Parks, Canterbury.

The Westgate Gardens, Toddler’s Cove, Tannery Field and Bingley Island Local Nature Reserve are the four areas of land which make up the Westgate Parks and they are all connected by the beautiful Great Stour River. The landscape is both rich in heritage and wildlife and provides a wonderful setting for outdoor learning.

I designed the ‘Wild About Westgate’ activity programme which is packed full of exciting educational activities linked to the National Curriculum.

Why not try our ‘Wildlife Olympics’ session? Learn about habitats, animal groups, adaptations and food chains whilst also ticking some physical education objectives!

More information and prices:

Westgate Parks outdoor learning programme 2019

Westgate Parks outdoor learning price list 2019

Westgate Parks


Discover the hidden life of the river by dipping for creatures and identifying them through a game of bingo. KS2 groups will learn how some of the clever creatures are adapted to live in their watery world by becoming water boatman, mosquito larvae and mayfly nymphs!

To book a visit email: or telephone: 07850715596

Risk assessments/risk benefit analysis forms are provided for each session however, we do advise a pre-visit to complete your own risk assessment and familiarise yourself with the location and access to train and bus stations.

More information about the Westgate Parks can be found at: