Outdoor Learning

I have worked at the Canterbury Environmental Education Centre, the Kent County Parks team and on a 5 year Heritage Lottery ‘Parks for People’ project and have designed and delivered outdoor education programmes for thousands of children.

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Events and training

I have designed and delivered events and training courses for Kent County Council’s Country Parks team from 2008 – 2013 and have managed and delivered Canterbury City Council’s Westgate Parks events programme since 2013.

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Westgate Gardens Tree Trail group photo with AGE UK clients and SL girls

Interpretation – Westgate Garden Tree Trail

I have worked with many partnership organisations to deliver events and recently worked with Fay Blair, Simon Langton Girls Grammar School and Age UK Canterbury to create the Westgate Gardens tree trail leaflet.

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Toddler's Cove Underpass post project

Interpretation – The Toddler’s Cove Underpass Project – Main Wall

As part of Canterbury City Council’s ‘Parks for People’ Heritage Lottery Funded project, I managed the transformation of the Toddler’s Cove underpass, which was identified as key feature preventing the movement of visitors from the Westgate Gardens to Toddler’s Cove and vice versa.

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Underpass stanchions after work

Interpretation – The Toddler’s Cove Underpass Project – Stanchions

The success of the first project enabled me to re-apply to paint the stanchions of the underpass and manage the community painting in conjunction with a local artist.

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Tannery Field Underpass painting

Interpretation – Tannery Field Underpass

In 2017 I wrote a bid for the Friends of Westgate Parks for further funding to improve both sides the Tannery Field underpass.

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Interpretation – Canterbury Bull Sculpture

I managed the Westgate Parks 2016 interpretation project and commissioned a local artist to design a bull from railway track to reflect the historical use of ‘Tannery Field’ and create a sense of place by highlighting its links to St. Mildred’s Tannery.

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Interpretation – Westgate Gardens Physic Garden

In 2014 I visited Simon Langton Girls Grammar School and ran a series of planning workshops in which students designed the layout of a public Physic Garden in the Westgate Gardens, Canterbury.

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Interpretation panel physic garden

Interpretation – Westgate Parks Interpretative Panels

In 2016 I commissioned Fitzpatrick Woolmer to design the on-site interpretation panels and create brass rubbing plaques which I linked into an activity trail.

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Volunteer Management

As the Westgate Parks Officer, I managed the conservation and community based volunteer projects in Canterbury’s Westgate Parks.

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